Are you ready to end your toxic relationship with food, dieting and exercise for good?


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Have you ever wondered how you’d feel if…

You didn’t feel deprived or stuck eating “rabbit food”?

Didn’t feel aches and pains or pure discomfort every time you moved your body?

Didn’t feel like you had to count every calorie that goes into your mouth?

You could shop at a normal store and buy any outfit you want?

You could go out in public and not feel like people were staring at you?

You weren’t held back from doing things by your weight?

Moving your body was actually fun?

Somehow there was hope?


Welcome to The Me Project!

Finally, the support and accountability you need from a community that “get’s it” without judgement so that even on your hardest days, you know exactly where to turn!

We know obesity is associated with many medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia, PCOS, osteoarthritis or other metabolic challenges.

However, the toll of obesity has mental, physical, social, and emotional impacts not only on individuals, but the families and loved ones around them, and often this leads to guilt and shame, and when buried has devastating results. Despite the growing number of individuals with obesity there continues to be a stigma, an absence of understanding, and a lack of support.

Leaving many desperate and considering surgery as a last resort.

While weight loss does take time and effort, I do not want anyone left feeling ready for change, but totally discouraged by an absence of resources.

As such, The Me Project was created – A medically consulted lifestyle promotion program, focusing on each individual to create a strategic, manageable, maintainable program that gets results.

The Me Project recognizes that you are here because you are struggling with weight loss, and you have your own story. You have faced barriers, obstacles and life events that have left you feeling stuck, frustrated, alone and maybe even hopeless.

Maybe you have jumped on fad diets, and extreme exercise programs promising yourself that this time will be different. You have tried everything under the sun only to find once again, it was unsuccessful or unattainable, putting you right back into that viscous cycle of failure, self- doubt and feeling like it’s pointless to even try. 


Finally, the support and accountability you need from a community that “get’s it” without judgement so that even on your hardest days, you know exactly where to turn!


You aren’t a failure, You aren’t beyond hope, and You certainly aren’t just a statistic – This program was carefully designed to put what really matters first – YOU.

By using fundamental building blocks, you will create attainable and manageable steps towards your optimal health, and the best part is, we will have fun doing it!

My goal is to safely facilitate changes in your lifestyle aimed at providing improved self-integrity, personal growth, and a commitment to change in a fun, safe and friendly environment.

Wait a sec?
Who are you anyway?

Hi, I’m Jenn


My mission is to support others in believing what is possible… and if you don’t believe you can transform yet, that’s okay. 

Jenn is a certified personal trainer specializing in weight loss and transformation, youth, sports performance, and the psychological aspects of physical activity. She holds certifications in Fundamental Movement Patterns, Emotion Focused Therapy, TFW, Twist Conditioning, Indoor cycling and is a Medical Exercise and Rehab Specialist. She also holds a masters degree in Clinical Counselling. 


What my clients are saying...


After a 5 bypass cardiac surgery, diabetes and high blood pressure, I certainly had a wake up call. I joined The Me Project in hopes to get control of my diabetes and because I hate exercise and after open heart surgery, no longer had the luxury of avoiding it any more - not if I wanted to live. I can honestly say I now look forward to class, my blood sugars have never been better, I have amazing amounts of energy, my joints and back no longer hurt, and I feel I can do anything.

Dr. Keri Ruthe CCFP

I have referred several of my community practice patients to The Me Project. This program is incredibly unique in that it addresses each participant as a whole, rather than as a number on a scale or as the food they put in their mouth. Jenn is passionate about being able to help patients overcome barriers, whether it is physical (due to weight or injury or mobility), emotional, or psychological. She does not promote diet or exercise regimens that are intense and difficult. Instead, she teaches achievable lifestyle changes that are individually determined, and goal driven that are easy to maintain lifelong. Jenn is compassionate and caring and is endeavored to see success in her clients. She has an incredibly diverse training background and specifically I believe her Masters in Clinical Counselling allows her to approach her clients challenges on a level most certified trainers are not able to achieve. 


When I came to The Me Project I had tried everything. I had given up hope of ever losing the weight. At 359 pounds I felt stuck, lifeless and like I was going through the motions. I started to have major medical issues and was referred to Jenn and The Me Project and out of desperation said "yes". Well, that was the best decision I have ever made! Not only did I start to enjoy my transformation journey, I lost we transformation journey, I lost weight. Just a little over a year later and I am down 141 pounds, and am literally a new person. 

So Let Me Ask You A Question

How will it feel if you do nothing?

Where will you be in 6 months?

One year? Beyond?

Are you ready to continue the viscous cycle of dieting, anxiety, shame and struggle?


You could do it on your own, or jump in to that next fad diet…. Or


You can join us in a safe, supportive caring environment.

It’s time to have the health you deserve and define yourself by more then the number on the scale

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